We would genuinely like to thank our Red Rocks crews for coming out and being a part of our very first on-site teams! Seriously, the enthusiasm and positivity you all showed for the program and towards others make the past eight months of planning more than worth it. All of your projects were so creative, and clearly improved the PL experience for countless fans! Words can’t even begin to describe how much your efforts last night mean to us and for the potential of this program. You all truly set the bar higher than we even thought would be possible, and what’s more – you all made it seem so effortless!

Again, thank you so much for helping to spread the love and light to those around you; all of you should be so proud of the work you put into being on our very first on-site teams. It was so great to meet all of you, and we hope to see your beautiful faces at future stops on the fall tour!

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