Chi-Town Night 2: the many portraits of fam.

Chi-Town Night 1, let the Illumination begin!

Chi-Town Night 1!

Chi-town Night 1

Louisville chillin’

Milwaukee Illuminators killin’ it

Sobriety at Shows

Illuminators -

We really wish we didn’t have to go over this again, but recent events are forcing us to. We would like to stress one more time that there is a ZERO tolerance policy regarding drug use while working. We have had people overlook this rule and have had their checks deposited as a result. Furthermore, they have been kicked out of the program entirely.

If we have any reason to believe someone has done ANY kind of substance while working, we will keep your check, take your shirt and pin, and remove you from the group with no chance of ever being re-accepted. Regardless of if you admit the truth or not, if you seem intoxicated, we are not going to negotiate. The three of us are pretty chill people and love when you guys are enjoying yourselves, but don’t put us in an uncomfortable position by refusing to follow a simple rule.

BassLights - Hampton, VA!

Ever since the shows were announced, we’ve been getting non-stop questions asking if we’d be teaming up with the AmBASSadors to do another Vibe Adjustor program. As most of you guessed…WE ARE! However, to get a spot on one of the teams, we are requiring the presentation of the project you plan on bringing to the table the night of you working. This means that when you show up on-site, you will already be done with your project and will be ready to hit the crowds right away. This is a huge event and we need to make sure everyone is showing up as prepared as possible. You can find a link to the application under the “Forms” tab of our page. Can’t wait to read your responses!!!

North West Show Promotion


The northwest run of the tour is coming up very quickly and we need to make sure we spread as much word as possible about those shows. Even if you’re not necessarily in one of the areas with a show, we could still use your help, because these shows are MASSIVE.

Spokane, Portland, Seattle, & San Francisco are the cities where we are looking to blow up promotion. Viral promotion is the most important. Making posts with links to the event pages on your profile, and sending out event invites are ideal, but anything else you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. Be sure to show us all your efforts so that we can document it for everyone to see!

Fall Tour Application Window is CLOSED

We want to thank everyone who has spread the word about this program, and also everyone who has expressed interest in applying. However, we are not reviewing any more applications for the Fall Tour.

If you are still interested in applying, we will be reopening the applications for Spring Tour in a few months. We hope this doesn’t deter you from Illuminating without the title, though!

Lincoln Illuminators holdlin’ it down!

a little Roseland love for y’all

We be killin’ it.